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City Walks Office organizes architecture and history tours in Rotterdam, Amsterdam and The Hague. We have great expertise in it and do it in a pleasant way. In Dutch, English,  German and other languages. Our foreign groups are architects, civil servants, students, housing associations, people with interest in culture and history.


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Rotterdam has been compared to ‘a large storage of piles.’ Indeed, eversince the reconstruction years, building activities characterize the city. The mentality of ‘rolled up sleeves’ does not originate from the period in which the erased city centre had to be renewed, but was already significant for the time of the expansive development of the harbours.



The guided tour leads along building excavations – such as the area around the new Central Station – recently finished projects, reconstruction achitecture and prewar buildings, such as the Laurenskerk, the town hall and the former post office that will be trransformed. By crossing the area in where after the the damming of the Rotte the first permanent settlement came into existance, Oude Haven will be reached.



During the eighties Rotterdam manifested itself as the first Dutch city with a skyline. Currently the highest office and dwelling buildings of our country are still located in Rotterdam. The reputation of city of high rise has historical roots: the fashion was set in 1898 by the 45 meters high office building the Witte Huis.



A main target for Rotterdam is the recovery of the disturbed relationship between the city and the River the Maas. During the expansion of the harbours in the past, the city gradually turned its back to the river. With the transformation of outranged harbour areas into urban zones the potention of the water can be fully utilized.


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Guided Architecture Tours Rotterdam.