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Erasmus bridge
Kop van Zuid
Nieuwe Maas

The City and the River

A main target for Rotterdam is the recovery of the disturbed relationship between the city and the River the Maas. During the expansion of the harbours in the past, the city gradually turned its back to the river. With the transformation of outranged harbour areas into urban zones the potention of the water can be fully utilized.


Kop van Zuid was the kick off of the restructuring of a pretty desolate harbour area, that was laid in the late 19th century as one of the most modern dock areas of the world. During the eighties the idea was to fill in the harbours and to demolish as much useless buildings as possible. Inspired by international examples and by projects in Amsterdam the choice was made for saving the existing infrastructure and the reuse of architecturally valuable buildings. Furthermore the ambition was embraced to create a new city centre at the southern river bank. The ‘Manhattan at the Maas’should become a fullfilling counterpart of the centre at the northern bank. While on both sides of the Maas new dwelling towers were realized, the restructuring of respectively Müllerpier and Lloydkwartier were started.

The project of the future is called Stadshavens. With the development of Tweede Maasvlakte room for renewal will be created within some harbours in urban areas and on the RDM-site Together with a few private parties the municipality of Rotterdam and the Havenbedrijf develop innovative residential and business zones, in the next four decades.

The area of 1600 hectare should offer a high-quality climate of business to harbour and transport companies, to innovative companies and to institutes of knowledge. High-educated wiil find facilities there for entrepereneurship, special residential environments and cultural activities.


Info / Reservations: mail í Or phone +31 (0)20-4190022 / +31 (0)6-41967625 / +31 06-41967655


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