High Rise Tour

During the eighties Rotterdam manifested itself as the first Dutch city with a skyline. Currently the highest office and dwelling buildings of our country are still located in Rotterdam. The reputation of city of high rise has historical roots: the fashion was set in 1898 by the 45 meters high office building the Witte Huis.


For quiet some time the Witte Huis was the tallest office building of Europe. Its height was only surpassed in 1931 by the GEB-building that was the highest office building of the Netherlands untill 1968. In that year the crossbar was raised to 90 meters with the Medische Faculteit of the Dijkzigt hospital. In 1991 once again a Rotterdam building took over the record: the head offices of Nationale Nederlanden passed the limit of 150 meters. By the end of 2005 the residential building Montevideo surpassed this with just one meter. Since 2009 however the office tower the Maastoren is the highest building in the Netherlands with 165 meters.

Rotterdam is a city where experiment is supported. This was already expressed during the interbellum with the building of Parklaanflat, in 1931 the first tall residential building of the Netherlands with a glass curtain wall. Then followed the Bergpolderflat in 1934, as the first gallery flats, and the not less innovative Kralingse Plaslaanflat in 1937.

During the reconstruction years the realization of tall residential buildings continued with unflagging zeal, with among others the Maastorenflat and the Lijnbaanflats.

The last 15 years tall buildings are like mushrooming, in some parts of the centre but especially in the transforming areas Kop van Zuid, Müllerpier and Wijnhavenkwartier.

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