Rotterdam Centre

The guided tour leads along building excavations – such as the area around the new Central Station – recently finished projects, reconstruction achitecture and prewar buildings, such as the Laurenskerk, the town hall and the former post office that will be trransformed. By crossing the area in where after the the damming of the Rotte the first permanent settlement came into existance, Oude Haven will be reached.


The new Centraal Station is flanked by the main office of Nationale Nederlanden and by the Groothandelskantoor, the manifesto of the reconstruction. Through Westersingel – one the fire boundaries after the bombings of 1940 – Schouwburgplein will be crossed, a restyling area of the late nineties. This square is flanked by Lijnbaan, Doelen, Schouwburg and Megabioscoop. Lijnbaan was the first roofed shopping centre of Europe. In the late nineties it was connected to the prewar shopping area by the socalled Koopgoot. Coolsingel leads from the old ‘land town’ in the direction of the ‘water town’, where old and new and also inner harbours and spits of land offer a variety of contrasts. On the road it becomes clear that in the city centre a lot of new residential buildings are being realized.


After a short visit to the completely transformed Wijnhavenkwartier the walk leads to Binnenrotte, where Rotterdam came into existence. After the demolition of the train viaduct in the early nineties, a lot of new buildings were added along this large public space.

The guided tour ends around Oude Haven, where instead of a large planned roundabout in 1946, a small-scale recreation and residential area was created. Highlights are the Kubuswoningen (Cube Houses) and the Witte Huis from 1898, the first skyscraper in Europa.


Dauer: 2 Stunden

Preis: € 15 pro Person exklusive die Miete des Fahrrads. Kleine Gruppen bezahlen etwas mehr pro Person.

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