Rembrandt Route

Rembrandt died 350 years ago this year. In the Rijksmuseum there is a wonderful exhibition 'All Rembrandts'. And we have a Rembrandt Tour, which could be a nice extension.

Along painted or drawn places. Where the Night Watch was painted and where it would hang later. We pass his studio and his first home, and where his loved ones were buried.

The route leads through Rembrandt's Amsterdam. We pass several places painted or drawn by Rembrandt, like the Montelbaanstoren and the Waag. Where the Night Watch was painted and where it should hang later. We walk past his studio and house, and the two places in Amsterdam where his loved ones were buried.


There are many questions that arise along the way. How was the art trade organized, how did Rembrandt earn a lot of money and how did he lose it again? By the way, who bought all these paintings and which other artists were active? What was eaten and drunk then? We see the alleys, squares and canals that Rembrandt saw with his own eyes. Drawing parallels between then and now.


You get a picture of Rembrandt, but also of Amsterdam and the Golden Age in the Republic of the Seven United Netherlands. We tell of the city in the 17th century, how people lived, how the world was organised. About the politics of that time, the wars and catastrophes, but also about the booming economy, Amsterdam's outstanding place in the world and the population explosion. Where were the cultural hotspots? What happened in politics? What worried people and what was the subject of heated debate? How did the city change and what did it look like?


The walk could be a nice combination with a visit to the Rembrandthuis or the Rijksmuseum.




  • Places painted by Rembrandt where famous Rembrandt's were hung 

  • Studio, primary residence, graves, cultural hotspots 

  • About the art trade in the 17th century 

  • Politics, wars, disasters, catastrophes


Further information 


Guided tour by appointment for small or large groups.

Price: € 15,- per person. VAT will be added for companies and institutions.

Small groups pay slightly more per person.

Duration: approx. 2 hours

Reservation: Send an e-mail to

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