Amsterdam School

Mentioning Amsterdam South the top district of Amsterdam is nothing eccentric. Amsterdam is famous because of its high level of housing. Finest example is to be seen in Amsterdam South and surroundings. The district is mainly filled with expressionist Amsterdam School architecture of the twenties.

What is to be seen? The absolute top of the Amsterdam School architecture, described in every book about World Architecture of the 20th Century. Expanded neighborhoods with an exceptionally architectonic quality, so far never equalized, realized thanks to the talent of a small group idealistic people like Keppler, Tellegen, De Klerk, Kramer, Gratama, Van Epen, Van der Pek, Tak. Architecture in the famous Plan South by Berlage.


Highlights / Characteristics


  •     Expressionist architecture of the twenties, never surpassed

  •     Whole district with top architecture

  •     High level of social housing

  •     Realized in the world famous Plan South by Berlage



Duration: about 2 hours.

Price: 15 euros a person. Small groups pay more per person.


Reservation / Info :
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