Since the seventies the 'Jordaan' has developed from a deteriorated working class area to a place to live in demand, where middleclass people, artists and students found a most pleasant place to live. They meet each other in many pleasant restaurants, cafés and shops. Best option is to start around Central Station. Then the tour runs via the world famous Canal Ring, at least as interesting as the Jordaan itself.

Most famous in the Jordaan are the many so called 'hofjes', series of small houses around courtyards, centuries ago built for old or poor people. Like the Sint-Andrieshof, the Claes Claeszhofje, the Karthuizerhofje and the Raepenhofje. During our walk we see new housing developments as well, sometimes highly praised, sometimes not. For the rest quiet canals, a village-like atmosphere, interesting stone tablets and many, many pubs are to be found.



  •     Walk runs via the famous Canal Ring

  •     Marvellous courtyards, so called 'hofjes'

  •     Narrow, intimate streets

  •     Attractive shopping street



Duration: about 2 hours.

Price: 12,50 euros a person. Small groups pay more per person.


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