IJburg provides fascinating walks. You can also choose for a bicycle tour from the city centre, which runs via 10 really amazing bridges. IJburg is a new Amsterdam district, consisting of six artificial islands. They have been developed  in the IJ, the former harbour mouth, close to the Eastern Docklands. In the future it will be a district with 45.000 inhabitans. IJburg is to become a standard for new developments elsewhere in the country.

At this moment IJburg has 20.000 inhabitants. A walk on IJburg is very much worth the effort. One of the highlights is the small Steigereiland, in English Pier-island. The urban design scheme is based on the ‘collage city concept’. The island consists of 8 neighborhoods, each of which has its own individual character. This island is really the ‘maternity’ of modern architecture. Here we find among other things free lots with surprising and colorful architecture and a water neighborhood with floating dwellings and pile dwellings.


For the big Haveneiland (Harbour Island) the urban designers chose - after numerous pre-designs - for a almost completely objective, neutral rectangular grid. The grid ‘creates the conditions for the balance between order and chaos’, they said. But don’t think there is no excitement on the Haveneiland. Inside the blocks of the grid a maximum of variety is to be seen.


You can also choose for a bicycle trip. This runs over at least 10 fascinating bridges - therefore we also call the tour "The Ten Bridges Bicycle Tour to IJburg". Dutch architects and foreign colleagues - Nicolas Grimshaw and WilkinsonEyre among others - did design amazing bridges in this area so rich of water.



  •     Six artificial islands.

  •     ‘Maternity’ of modern architecture

  •     Surprising and colorful architecture

  •     Water neighborhood with floating dwellings

  •     Optimal balance between order and chaos


Bicycle trip

Duration: 4 hours, starting from the city centre.

Price: € 20 a person for groups, bicycles not included. Bicycles could be rented at your hotel or at a  rental company - we give addresses.

Walking tour

Duration: 2 hours

Price: € 12,50 a person

Reservations or info


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