The New Face of the Bijlmer

Der Bijlmermeer is eine multikulturelle Stadt mit 78% nichtwestliche Ausländern. Das Viertel, vordem von vielen Menschen gehalten für ein ‘no go Area’, wird transformiert zu einem spitzen Viertel. Für die wirklichen ‘Bijlmer believers’ ist der Bijlmer das immer gewesen: eine Parklandschaft ohne Autos, mit komfortablen Häusern, schöne Aussichten und so weiter.

With preservation of the low density and still with a lot of greenery, architects created the New Bijlmer. 6500 high rise apartments have been replaced in 15 years by 3000 low rise dwellings and 4200 owner-occupied apartments. In some neighborhoods, the original urban plan has been maintained. A group of 'Bijlmerbelievers' promoted the idea. Flats have been renovated and the public space remains car-free and green. The area got the name 'Bijlmer museum'. Here the 'Groeiend monument' is to be seen, a memory of the airplane disaster in 1992.


The contrasts in the Bijlmer are enormous. Nowhere in Amsterdam you could find such different urban visions in the same neighborhood.

In the Bijlmer big eye-catchers are also to be seen. One of them is the new Station Bijlmer by the architect Grimshaw (E), going to be one of the largest stations of the Netherlands. Another is the building of the HES, Hogeschool voor Economische Studies by the architect Hoogstad (N), a new school for 5000 students, present on all lists of recent top architecture.

In brief, how a deteriorated district – for many peoples some kind of a no-go area – got a matchlessly update.



  •     Living in a park landscape

  •     Former 'no-go area'

  •     Many high rise apartments replaced by low rise

  •     Peacefully living together of different culture groups



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