About us

City Walk Office (Stadswandelkantoor in Dutch) ist specialist in guided tours and lectures in Amsterdam. Our guides have an academic background, have studied among other things architecture history, sociology, art history, and psychology, are being working partly as architecture and heritage journalists. Our focus is on the urban development and history of Amsterdam. But the social and art history and the political aspects get a chance as well. Three of us have recently written the book 'Ontdek het Oostelijk Havengebied'– about the urban planning and history of the Eastern Docklands – a English translation is being prepared.


Our tours are always skilled, but also pleasant, that is definitely our ambition. To enjoy the tours, interest in architecture and history is enough!


City Walks Office organizes city tours, arrangements and lectures for groups from all over the world.


We get organizations of the professional market, such as civil servants, architects, urban designers, developers and consultants.


Second group are universities and schools in the framework of their education program.


We have also the pleasure to introduce a lot of informal groups to the fascinating architecture and history of Amsterdam. Groups of friends with an intention to do something cultural from time to time. Families who have to celebrate something. (Ex-) colleagues during their excursions. Companies desperately practicing some 'team-building'.

City Walks Office has also guided tours in The Hague und Rotterdam.

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