New Centre
of The Hague

The last decades a largely new city centre has been built in the immediate vicinity of the old city. Thanks to strong town administrators a poor, lifeless city district turned in a relatively short time into a district that you should see. The architecture is high-profile, the ambition impressive.


Those are not cowardly designs without cracking or taste, and the variation is huge. The traditionalist architecture has here one of his real highlights, with designers such as Pelli, Natalini, Soeters, and -most present- the Luxembourger Rob Krier. We can start the tour at the Central Station. There it is already: you see one after another highlight. A well-known one is the white Town Hall of Richard Meier, but that is definitely not everything. A long row of Dutch and foreign architectural firms have signed for the new Den Haag, that certainly has not yet been completed, but has given the city already a lot of character.

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