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Ypenburg en

At the former airport "Ypenburg" 11,000 homes are being built since 1997 for 30,000 residents. By far the largest part is ready - approximately 25,000 people live in "Ypenburg" now.

Landscape architect Frits Palmboom made a master plan with a framework of public spaces and routes. He did it different from its predecessors in the adjacent neighbourhoods, he wanted to do a better job. His framework was divided into many different sub-plans, a variety of designers and developers went to work to fill in this plan. In the neighbouring Leidschenveen 7,000 homes are being built for 20,000 inhabitants, also this job is almost achieved.

The two districts show the last impressive visions about urban planning.

Highlights / Characteristics

  • Housing district at a former airport

  • Many different sub-plans

  • Lot of designers and developers




Duration: 2 hours

Price: € 25 a person. Small groups pay more per person.

Reservations / info

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