City Walks and Bicycle Tours Amsterdam

City Walks Office has guided city walks and bicycle tours in Amsterdam in english and other languages. We also provide arrangements, even a full day program, if you whish. Do not hesitate to phone or email for information! Mail to: bf@stadswandelkantoor.nl. Or phone: +31 (0)20 419 00 22 / +31 (0)6 419 676 25 / +31 (0)6 419 676 55.

Make your choice in Amsterdam:
New architecture Amsterdam Eastern Docklands
The Eastern Docks are an excellent place for walks: superb modern achitecture in an historic setting. World famous and deservedly very popular.
Javakade, Java-eiland, Amsterdam
Centre Amsterdam Old city
The city center is one of the really highlights of Europe. Amsterdam was in the 17th century a world power in itself, und the unbelievable wealth at that time created a marvelous and large old city center, very well preserved and still to enjoy. A walk runs from the medieval centre, pieces of the old city wall, along the famous canals, a piece of China town, the former Jewish district, not to forget a piece of the famous Red Light District.
Schreierstoren, Amsterdam
Centre Amsterdam Old city by bike
In no global city you can bike so safe and easy thanks to the many bicycle lanes. Advantages: you get a quick overview of the entire city. You will hardly miss a highlight. We get off from time to time for a mini-walk or a visit to a building or courtyard.
New architecture Amsterdam Bicycle / walking tour IJburg
The city's newest residential district is situated on artificial islands in the former harbour mouth. IJburg provides fascinating walks. You can also choose for a bicycle tour from the city centre, which runs via 10 really amazing bridges.
Nesciobrug, IJburg
Amsterdam centre Dark side of Amsterdam
Amsterdam is famous because of its realistic approach to drug addicts, prostitution (legalized!), gay community, and so on. A highly interesting tour around the Red Light District, the Drugs Scene, Gay Amsterdam and a former Nogo Area. How tolerance and realism keep the people of Amsterdam together. 
Oudezijds Voorburgwal
Amsterdam centre Jewish Amsterdam
This tour runs through former Jewish districts. Along famous monuments, with one of the most impressive synagogue complexes in the world, but also through a piece of world history. How the Amsterdam Jews, ended up in the 'Jeruzalem of the West’, finally to a large extent were murdered by the Nazis.
Portugese Synagoge
Amsterdam School architecture The famous early 20th century architecture of Old-South
Mentioning district Old-South (Oud-Zuid) the top district of Amsterdam is nothing eccentric. Amsterdam is the Mecca of the social housing an the enormous richness of it is especially to be seen in district Old-South and surroundings.
New architecture South axis
The South Axis of Amsterdam has a lot to offer. A grandeur, hardly fitting in the Dutch tradition. Top architecture by Dutch and many foreign architects.
New architecture Grand Tour Architecture Amsterdam
Amsterdams architecture in only halve a day. That's possible thanks to our ‘Grand Tour Architecture Amsterdam’ with car oder van. An excursion with mini-walks through new districts.
Mix old and new
Going West I
A bicycle tour along the Western Islands, the Westerdokseiland, the Westergasfabriek, district Westerpark. Along the top of the Amsterdam School architecture. The Silodam. The Houthavens with container dwellings. And the Staatsliedenbuurt. How a no go-area could change in a top top location.
Silodam, Amsterdam
Mix old and new Amsterdam Going West II
A walk along the Western Islands, Western Docks, Western Gas Factory, Westerpark. Along the top of the Amsterdam School architecture. The world famous Silodam. The Houthavens with container dwellings.
Pakhuizen Prinseneiland, Amsterdam
Old city ' Hofjes' walk in the Jordaan
The Jordaan has that picturesque, small scale atmosphere that everybody loves today. Highlights are the many 'hofjes': a collection of small houses, grouped around a court yard.
Karthuizerhofje, Amsterdam Jordaan
Old city Amsterdam metropolis
Amsterdam is often called 'a big village', but has certainly aspects of a metropolis.  Determinative for that are the numerous newcomers from abroad, who since the 16th century brought their knowledge and qualities. How Jews, Belgians, Germans, Chinese,  Armenians, Surinamese, Moroccans made Amsterdam great.
Armeense Apostolische Kerk
Multicultural city The new Bijlmermeer
The Bijlmermeer, before by many people considered as a ‘nogo area’, is being converted to a top district. For the real ‘Bijlmer believers’ the Bijlmer has always been like that: a park landscape without cars, with comfortable dwellings, splendid views, etc.
Woningen Ton Venhoeven, Bijlmermeer
Mix old and new Amsterdam Along the old harbours: from old city to Eastern Docklands
This highly attractive route runs along the harbours of Amsterdam. A piece of the inner city (one of the nicest), a exciting waterly walk, and finally the Eastern Docklands, once a harbour, now superb modern architecture.
Scheepvaarthuis, Amsterdam
Early 20th century architecture Bicycle tour along workers palaces
The social housing of Amsterdam is world famous. In the first 30 years of the 20th century a lot of houses for workers have been built with an extraordinarily high quality, unique in Europe. The alderman involved was Floor Wibaut, this year born 150 jaar ago. A bicycle tour.


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